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ADD:Yingbin Avenue, Dawang hi-New-Development Area,zhaoqing
TEL:0758-3980825 /3980826
MOB:13822639158 guangyuliu
Q  Q:363507029
MOB:13822629185 zongbingxin
Q  Q:   553660474   
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Xin Yuan Xin electronics technology co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality PCB products with manufacturing, research and development as well as corporate office and factory located in ZhaoQing. We specilized in high-frequency microwave circuit board print sevice, we have rich experience in divider Combiner,power amplifier, Dry place,4G antenna, Beidou antenna...
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Add:Zhaoqing City Xinyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.  Tel0758-3980826    Fax:0758 3980829
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